Actress, singer, voice talent, bellydancer, producer and event manager.

Born in a small island close to Venice (Italy), graduated in Linguistics, with a postgraduate degree in Dance Movement Therapy (Barcelona) and MA in Non-Verbal Communication and Performance (Venice), Annalisa is now based in Los Angeles, California.

Annalisa began to study music, acting and dance at 6 years old, in Italy, and continued her studies in Barcelona (Spain) from 2007 to 2017. 

She performed in bands, dance shows and theater companies in Italy and Spain.

Her acting training started in Italy (with ATIR, Fioretta Mari, Stephane Müh, Aperta Scena) and continued in Barcelona (Meisner Technique, Mel Churcher, Enric Folch, Acting in English, Acting for Camera), where she starred in short movies, in a webseries pilot and as a guest star in features.

Trained in jazz, lyrical, ballet and contemporary dance, she chose bellydance and tribal fusion as her favorites and she trained with the best teachers in Spain and Cairo.

Her solo-singer project Anna:Lee , born in Barcelona in 2015, is now crossing the ocean and expanding towards new horizons, merging music, digital arts and dance.


Annalisa is also executive producer at Misstake Productions, a partnership founded in Barcelona, which elaborates content for film, tv and theater. 

Managing director at Raindance Barcelona from 2016 to 2018, Annalisa is now fully dedicated to music and acting, 


Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. Professional singer and dancer. Voice talent. Horse-riding professional. Piano, guitar.


The Graduate - 2012

Le Baruffe Chiozzotte - 2002/2007

Aperta Scena - 2001


Fight - Flight - Free - short - 2017

Key(s) - short - 2016

The Guilt Factory - short - 2015

Memorinol - short - 2015

Beatlezilla - trailer - 2014

Waratah - feature (participation) - 2014

Life's a Bitch - feature (participation) - 2014

BCN The Series - webseries pilot - 2013


Flame Under Water - music video - 2018

The Army of Hope - music video - 2017

Vampire Love - music video - 2017

Dancing - music video - 2016

Obey (Mood) - music video - 2015


Acting in English and Acting for Camera (Barcelona, 2014-2015)

Meisner Technique (Barcelona, 2012-2016) 

Bellydance and Tribal Fusion (Barcelona, 2006-2016)

Jazz, latin and contemporary dance (Italy and Spain, 1998-2016)

MA in Non-Verbal Communication and Performance (Venice, 2012-2013)

Postgraduate degree in Dance Movement Therapy (Barcelona, 2009-2010)

Professional horse-riding training (Italy & Spain, 2003-2017)

Stanislasvki & classical theater (Venice, 2001-2005) 

Singing, piano & guitar lessons (Venice, 1996-2000)

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